VBA macro development services and support

Stop worrying about your Excel and Office automation needs - we will take care of it!

  • We develop, code, maintain, debug, update and document VBA macros, programs, applications, tools and add-ins on behalf of our clients.
  • Automate your data extractions, transformations, loading, import and export in Excel and Office from other files, databases, websites and APIs.
  • Script reports, charts and images, create custom functions, formulas and forms using VBA macros for Office on Windows and Apple.

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Need to find a VBA macro developer or coder to contract or hire?

Contract our experienced, world-class automation experts for VBA macro programming. We are specialized in creating, maintaining and updating customized macros and applications in VBA for Microsoft Excel and Office on Windows and Apple Mac.

Our fast and competent programmers write effective and efficient macros and tools, give coding support, solve VBA macro problems and can suggest suitable solutions and assist in technology selection.

Let us update your business solutions to take advantage of Excel automation. Make use of our senior developers and software engineers with long-time experience of satisfying demanding customers. Qualified consultants, industry experts and application architects will understand both your business and VBA macro development needs and aid in decisions.

Get pricing and quotes for VBA macro coders for your project or idea

We create, maintain and update custom programs and tooling at competitive prices. Request a quote for our current rates for your project at your location: Hourly, part-time, or full-time, retainer or fixed price. Get a quote now.

Why automation with VBA macros?

Visual Basic for Applications is the programming environment to automate desktop Office applications on Windows and Apple. Automating Excel and Office reporting using VBA programs and macros increases output and productivity, reduces risks, overtime and overhead by improving efficiency and simplifying complex tasks and minimizing human mistakes and errors.

VBA macros is a tried and tested technology and development typically comes with short payback time and fast return on investment.

VBA programming services and development in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Luxembourg, Madrid, Munich, Stockholm, Zurich

VBA Macro Developer provides VBA macro programming services throughout Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Luxembourg, Madrid, Munich, Stockholm, Zurich or any other city in Europe. Our development method: Programming takes places on site or off site remotely or via virtual private network (VPN). Communication takes place on site or via video conferencing tools. All VBA jobs are performed with pride and attention to detail - we will get the job done.